Client Love

What our past couples have said about their expericence with The Flower Pursuit


Justine & Matt

-Hey Sarah!
I really don’t know how to start this message without getting a little bit teary!
We can’t express how thankful, grateful and appreciative we are of you and Clay and all the time effort and love you put into our day.
The flowers we just absolutely stunning and definitely stole the show on the day.
I had so many people come up to us and tell us how beautiful and amazing the flowers were.
The owners of Di Lusso even said “we’ve seen a lot of weddings but your florist and your flowers were just absolutely incredible.”
We know it’s BIG days and nights for you and Clay to create the magic that you do. To have you come in with such positive and bubbly energy on what is a very emotionally charged and stressful day when I know you’ve had next to no sleep, and then put so much love and care into how every individual flower sits is really a testament to you and how much you love what you do.
We are so glad that we were lucky enough to have you as such a big part of our day!

VENUE :  Di Lusso Mudgee

PHOTOGRAPHER : Feather & Birch